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Establishing a memorial provides an important link between the past and the future. Our burial sites and cremation memorials are perpetual – giving your family a permanent place for you to visit and reflect, which we will always preserve.

We respect and cater to all faiths, all denominations, and all traditions. We are as diverse as modern Australia, with options to suit everyone.

We can also help you create and place a memorial, even when ashes have previously been scattered.

We strive to create a solemn place where people will feel comfortable spending time, talking with family and friends about a loved one, being with them on special days, and passing on fond stories about them to the next generation.

Brendan Moar, Landscape Gardener and Television Presenter, discusses the importance of memorials and the options available to you.

A memorial offers the reassurance that what began in the past will continue into the future. Losing a loved one has a great emotional impact on us. When dealing with loss, many and varied issues can arise. One of the most fundamental is how to keep the memory alive beyond the funeral service. Memorials provide families and friends with a tangible source of comfort in the form of an everlasting place of remembrance in tribute to the life of their loved one. Families take great solace in visiting memorials as they represent an everlasting reminder of times shared together.

A memorial is a place that can be visited as often as one feels the need. For some, special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas hold particular significance. Others may find the ritual of visiting after church on Sunday or stopping by on the way home from work, fulfils their needs. Whatever the reason, a memorial can become a very powerful place of reflection, bringing comfort to individuals at times when the challenges life can present become overwhelming.

We often forget about how our loved ones may have influenced the lives of people other than family. That is why a memorial can hold as much significance for a friend or colleague as it does for family. For future generations, memorials provide a very important genealogical record of our families and community because tradition is important to all of us.

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A moment of reflection can bring back a lifetime of memories.

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